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Throughout our more than eight decades in the market, Centro Cuesta Nacional maintains a productive and permanent relationship with a wide spectrum of providers and allies, who share our business values, and our vision to improve the quality of life of our clients.
Given this close relationship, we are able to offer a wide assortment of the highest quality products, at the best prices for all our clients. The mutual growth we have experienced alongside these providers makes them an important part of the CCN history. This has allowed us to work with highly recognized international brands, and to be a part of the growth of local providers from different fields, fostering support to the local businesses.

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Committed to the development of the country

CCN encourages local production and solidarity for our country, supporting 164 agricultural providers.

In addition to the creation of jobs, improving people’s quality of life, commitment allows our men and women to remain in their communities and influence economic and social growth. “De aquí con corazón” represents the vision and the support CCN extends to small business owners and entrepreneurs.

This is why we help them to improve their processes, so they can grow along with to their communities.

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Origen dominicano

100% Dominican
quality products

Origen Nacional is an exclusive line of products that supports local providers who elaborate fresh and natural products and offers our clients the characteristic quality of the brand for Supermercados Nacional. Under this project, we work hand in hand with local providers to produce fresh and natural products, using traditional processes and local raw materials, which guarantee high-quality.

Origen Nacional has dairy products, traditionally made “casabe” or casava bread, plantain chips and chocolate bars. The Origen Nacional dairy products don’t contain additives or preservatives and come from 100% Dominican cattle, made with the freshest ingredients such as fresh milk from Monte Plata cattle, strawberries from Constanza and San José de Ocoa, and pineapple from Cotuí, guaranteeing the best quality and traceability from the Dominican land.

The “casabe” is made with attention to detail, from the choosing of the yucca to the baking in original “burenes”, in order to have a fine and crunchy end product.


Almost 50% growth in yogurt units and cheese sales.


65% growth in sales of “casabe” units. This provider hadn’t merchandised outside of his community.


5 providers (dairy products, “casabe, plantain and chocolate) in 5 provinces of the country.

El criollo

We support the growth of the Dominican swine industry.

This is a project developed by CCN under the National Origin platform of Supermercados Nacional, to launch a pork brand that will face the threat of meat importation with a fresh product, never frozen, and 100% Dominican.

CCN processes El Criollo pork in their meat processing plant INDAL securing the compliance of high-quality control standards during the whole process.

The project directly influenced dozens of people in Santiago, Valverde, Espaillat, Salcedo, La Romana, Monseñor Nouel, and La Vega.


20% increase in sales since its launch in October 2020.


14 pork producers in 9 provinces of the country.


Weekly, consistent and guaranteed purchase has stabilized the income of the producers and their employees.


All the pork suppliers meet the appropriate environmental certifications.


The providers included in the program have now become the primary employers in their regions.


of the Brangus breed in the country, improving Dominican beef

Centro Cuesta Nacional worked in the creation of a genetic farm in which for the first time in the Dominican Republic, the cattle breed BRANGUS, is produced. This allows the improvement of the genetic base of national cattle raising in the mid and long term.

The Monte San Francisco estate, located in “La Estancita”, Jarabacoa, is the genetic center where the high quality BRANGUS embryos are produced, later to be transferred into cows of associated ranchers, bringing to life the first BRANGUS specimens locally produced. From this point we follow up on the traceability and control of all the cattle produced by the company, allowing us to guarantee the origin denomination and quality certification of the meat the business offers.

Certified Brangus is one of the bovine specialized breeds, designed and structured under a genetic model which oversees in a just proportion the Brahman’s rusticity and Angus’s butcher quality and fertility.

With this project CCN becomes the first company in the country to deal in genetic processes which allow them to accompany the cattle raising sector in improving the quality of their cattle, ensuring better profitability, and securing the possibility to offer consumers a superior level of meat at a more affordable price. Due to this, the first registry program for the breeding of these animals was implemented.

The consistency in the weekly purchase the producers to the participant providers has represented a growth in their sales.


Increase from 9 to 19 producers of Certified Brangus in 7 provinces of the country.


A genetic estate was established with 34 specimens.


CCN guarantees the purchase of the produced beef.

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