Our Commitment

For more than eight decades, Centro Cuesta Nacional has worked with the vision of improving the quality of life of families in the Dominican Republic. Here at CCN, we are aware of our responsibility to the development of society and of the country, we firmly believe that the growth and progress of a nation is the responsibility of everyone inhabiting it.

With this calling as a compass, CCN encourages support for local production and solidarity to benefit the country. From the support for Dominican producers to the commercialization of their products, social projects; prima; responsibility, unity, and solidarity are core values of our employees, clients, providers, and the nation, in addition to maintaining a commitment to the sustainable growth of our operations.

de aqui con corazón
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De Aquí Con Corazón

De Aquí Con Corazón represents the vision and the support CCN extends to local small business owners and entrepreneurs. To accomplish this, we work hand in hand with providers that produce specialty high-quality products, helping them to improve their processes, formalize their businesses, and make their products available for the clients in our stores, thus bringing pride to what’s local, while promoting the development of these communities.

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More than a decade ago, Centro Cuesta Nacional set out to travel the country, but in a different way.
This is how Orgullo de Mi Tierra, was born, an invitation to rediscover ourselves and bring to light hundreds of treasures hidden in the corners of our lands, in people’s smiles, in the colors that fill our landscapes, and in the strength of the stories of hundreds of men and women making a difference in their communities, filling our hearts with pride.

We firmly believe that we can achieve a better environment through sustainable actions.

For this reason, we have taken a series of internal measures to reduce the environmental impact of our operations.

Some of the primary measures are:
Promotion and massification of reusable bags in different sizes and formats.

Introduction of paper bags in some areas of the supermarkets.

Exhibition of fruits and vegetables in bulk, eliminating most of the plastic packaging in this category.

Introduction of packaging in biodegradable or compost materials.

Installed solar panels to use renewable energy for our operations.

Use of energy-efficient LED lighting, saving up to an 80% electrical consumption.

In alliance with Evergo, we offer charging stations for electric vehicles in stores from Punta Cana to Santiago.

Plastic bottle recycling: 5 drop off points are available in Santo Domingo (3 in Supermercados Nacional, one in Jumbo, and another in our corporate offices).

The company is committed to expanding its residue recovery plans by promoting responsible management and contributing to its sustainability plans.
Installed power
Produced energy
1 KW

Amount of energy
of charging stations

Recycled bottles
1 KG
Recycled flexible plastic
1 KG
Recycled paper
1 KG
Nuestra Familia
Nuestra Familia
Nuestra Familia
Nuestra Familia
Nuestra Familia
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Our commitment to the betterment of Dominican families starts at home, with the creation of various programs addressed to our more than 10 thousand employees and their families. The goal is to provide tools and resources to positively impact their quality of life. In addition, we offer different employee support initiatives for illness prevention under the program Ser CCN.

Excellence Program

Scholarships Program

Summer in Retail

Verano verde

Academic Excellence Program
This program acknowledges our employees’ children who achieve exemplary grades during their middle and high school education while motivating them for excellence and consistency in their school studies.
University Scholarships Program
In support for education, the program “CCN University Scholarships” was created. This program covers the total cost of a university career for the children of CCN collaborators who show exceptional academic performance.
Summer in Retail
This is a program for the children of our collaborators, with the goal of encouraging a love for work, and facilitating a unique experience in the retail business. During the summer they are trained on theories and practices of the sector, guiding them through all the processes of their designated areas. This way they can obtain training, skills, and aptitudes to develop in the workforce.

Verano verde

Es un campamento gratuito, dirigido a los hijos e hijas de los colaboradores de CCN, donde los niños disfrutan de una gran variedad de atracciones, como también de actividades educativas.

Nuestro Compromiso
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CCN regularly contributes, through collaborations with non-profit institutions, to the most vulnerable communities, such as the elderly and those working for children or in education. The company also offers, through our stores, direct support to those communities where we are located throughout the country.

Don Bosco Salesian Foundation

Since 2001 we have supported the Don Bosco Salesian Foundation through fixed donations and activities looking to benefit the families helped by the organization and other initiatives.