“Energía de las Américas, SA” (ENERLA), channels our efforts in the energy sector, always motivated by our commitment to the country’s development with the purpose of boosting the use of renewable energy that guarantees economic growth with equity.

Energy of the Americas is an asset management company, founded to actively contribute to renewable energies as a path to economic growth with equity and social inclusion.

ENERLA performs its activities, both independently, and through consortiums. It identifies investment opportunities in the energy sector of Central America and the Caribbean to bolster the transition towards clean energy from renewable sources while increasing the sector’s dynamism.

To this day, three important strategic investments have been made that are contributing to the evolution of the energetic matrix in the Dominican Republic and the Caribbean. The following investments promote the decarbonization of electricity and industrial production, starting with power generated from natural gas and renewable sources, in order to build a cleaner and less costly future, and more energy production.
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This project converted one of the largest energy plants in the country of the Energetic Consortium San Pedro de Macorís (CESPM) from diesel to natural gas. ENERGAS generates electric energy from the city of San Pedro de Macorís, Dominican Republic, through a combination cycle thermal hub of 300 MW installed capacity.

Since 2020, this milestone for the Dominican energy sector has reduced carbon dioxide emissions by 460,000 metric tons per year, and of more than 1,050 tons per year of greenhouse gases, resulting in a 60% decrease in the company’s environmental carbon footprint.

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ENADOM (Dominican Natural Energy) was born in 2019 from a strategic alliance between the AES Dominicana Group and the Energas Consortium. ENERLA and the InterEnergy Group is a part of this; and is dedicated to the importation and merchandising of liquefied natural gas (GNL).

This strategic alliance carried out the construction of the Eastern Pipeline, a 50 kilometer long infrastructure, which supplies natural gas for electricity production which eased the conversion of 900 MW for the National Electric System, generated from liquefied natural gas (GNL).

By mid-2023, ENADOM expects to conclude the construction of a 120,000 cubic meter tank which will allow the provision of around 1,000 additional MW of natural gas, a 33% increase in the distribution capacity of regasified natural gas and will become a reference for safety and energetic transition of the country.

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Liquefied natural gas (GNL) station with a storage capacity of

 square meters

Liquefied natural gas (GNL) station with a storage capacity of 200,000 square meters

Within the Manzanillo Master Plan’s framework, to face the increase of energetic demand associated with the country’s development, the Dominican Government launched an international public tender for a project involving a natural gas terminal with approximately 840 MW of new generation from gas to power to be located in Pepillo Salcedo, close to the Manzanillo Bay in 2021.

The storage and regasification terminal on land will have the capacity to continually stock fuel for two energy generation centers of 420 net MW each, resulting in a total sum of 840 MW of efficient generation from natural gas.

The gas terminal and a gas turbine plant in a combined cycle of up to 420 MW were awarded to the company Manzanillo Gas & Power, a consortium integrated by Haina Investment Company (HIC), Shell Gas & Power Development (Shell), and Energy of the Americas (ENERLA).