Our private, and exclusive brands

Part of CCN’s value proposition is a vast portfolio of private and exclusive brands for its clients, developed to offering quality, variety, innovation, and competitive pricing. This reaffirms what has been our primary commitment since our start in 1935: improving the quality of life for Dominican families.

CCN provides a broad assortment of exclusive brands which are manufactured with the highest quality standards, comparable to world-renowned brands.

These brands which Centro Cuesta Nacional offers, are internationally recognized. These brands include: DeCecco, Mutti, Valor, Vicenzi, Firma, Calvo, Ortiz, Coco Lite, Diet, La Vieja Fábrica, Royal, Aurichio, El Ventero, Don Bernardo, Landana, Parmareggio, Uniekaas, Beretta, 5Js, Fripozo, Witor’s, Arluy, Martiko, La Española, Ponti, Coosur, among many others. In this impressive portfolio, we also offer local brands from the Dominican Republic, such as Hugo Pork, Herb Garden, and Huevos Camperos.

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