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CCN Services

At CCN we were pioneers in creating an integrated services unit. CCN Services was born as a way to simplify our customer’s daily lives, with products and integrated services, supporting them in their everyday activities.The services centers are located inside eupermercados Nacional and Jumbo stores. Customers can purchase event tickets, pay for services, obtain credit cards with shopping savings and benefits, etc.


In alliance with the ticketing company Multipagos Express (Uepa Tickets), the CCN Services Centers offer our clients the largest network for ticket selling in the country and allows them to access a wide array of entertainment; concerts, theater plays, children’s shows, conferences, and sporting events.

These centers are pioneers in offering winter season baseball tickets, without long lines or transfers, and with a system that allows visibility in the availability of tickets, in real-time, from any of our points of sale throughout the country.

Payment of services

Through our centers “En CCN Services” and in alliance with “PagaTodo”, our clients can carry out multiple payments for basic services, such as banking services, phone, and internet, university, insurance, electricity, and many others.

In addition, we have the “Fine payment” from Uepa Pay, being the first retail company to introduce the collection of payment for transit infractions in the “En CCN Services”centers of Supermercados Nacional and Jumbo. These centers offer our clients, not only time savings, but the ease of performing several transactions in one place, through a reliable online system.

SUMA CCN American Express

SUMA CCN American Express® by Scotiabank® is a credit card that allows you to satisfy your consumer needs by receiving valuable benefits in the stores of Centro Cuesta Nacional and affiliate shops of American Express around the world, thus obtaining great savings in all your purchases.
Benefits: • 5% saving in stores from Centro Cuesta Nacional (Supermercados Nacional, Jumbo, Casa Cuesta, Ferretería Cuesta, Juguetón, Librería Cuesta, Jumbo Express, Bebemundo, La Bodega, Majorica, and Manuel González Cuesta). • 3% saving in all nacional gasoline stations every weekend. • 2% saving on all purchases in veterinary clinics around the country. • 1% saving on all purchases in Dominican pesos and US dollars. • Independent limits in both Dominican pesos and US dollars.
Cash withdrawals through local and international ATM machines.
Saving percentage is reflected on the bank statement.

Tarjeta PLUS CCN

The PLUS CCN Card Mastercard® from Banco Popular Dominicano® is a credit card that allows clients to carry out local and international consumptions with billing in Dominican pesos. The benefits include:


  • 8% savings* on average monthly purchases of RD$20,000 or higher.
  • 6% savings* on average monthly purchases between RD$8,000 and RD$19,999.
  • 5% savings* on average monthly purchases of up to RD$7,999.



Cuotas Popular: Additional credit line of deferred credit of up to 36 months tied to your credit card.

Cash advance of 100% of your credit limit, once per billing period.

Gain Millas Popular for all purchases outside CCN stores.

*Maximum cash back allotted is per customer RD$10,000 per month. *The % of savings will be seen in the bank statement.

CCN Bonuses are renewed for you!​

CCN Gift Cards are the perfect gift. In addition to Paper Gift Cards, we now offer the option to purchase electronic gift cards. They can be purchased at all Centro Cuesta Nacional stores; just ask the cashier and assign a card value at the checkout. The electronic CCN Gift Card can be acquired at www., allowing you to send or transfer any desired amount without additional costs or even personalize the delivery.
Additionally, you can request, review, and manage your card balance quickly and easily, no matter where you are. Among the new features of the Gift Cards is the fact that you do now need to spend the whole amount at once but can be used fractionally until fully consumed. To learn more about the new CCN Bonds, visit

Phone reloads

Customers can top up their phone through the CCN cash registers, reloading data and phone plan with a desired amount, using an electronic pin or a direct reload to their mobile phones; choosing data packages or calls (national or international) from the main telecommunications providers: Altice, Claro and Viva.