About us

A Dominican business group focused on quality and innovation, passionate about improving the quality of life of Dominican families. Our main business has always been retail, and we have diversified into industrial, distribution, real estate, and energy to generate value with a deep commitment to foster our country’s development and people.

Culture & Values


Passionate about improving the quality of life of Dominican families.


Become the number one distribution and retail group with the strongest diversification in the Dominican Republic, while being known for the quality and variety of its products and by the great commitment to the development of its employees and country.


Our story

In 1935, our story begins as a small food and provisions store. Proof of our effort and commitment, CCN today is the leading distribution and retail company in the country.


Centro Cuesta Nacional began as a small store called named Colmado Mercedes, founded by Manuel González Cuesta, on the corner of José Reyes and Mercedes streets.


Colmado Mercedes moved to Mella Avenue, on the corner of Santomé Street, and was renamed Colmado Nacional.


Colmado Nacional changed its business model from an assisted format to a self-service store and became Autoservicio Nacional, following international best practices. This same year, the company began importing hardware items from the United States.


Supermercados Nacional, a supermarket like no other was inaugurated in the country, becoming the first to introduce specialized categories like hardware, pharmacy, and cafeteria.


A new commercial format Ferretería Cuesta, is established to sell specialized hardware goods to the Dominican Republic.


An agreement was signed for the expansion of Centro Comercial Nacional, which today constitutes the stores in Paseo Lincoln which is situated on 27 de Febrero and Abraham Lincoln Avenues.


The second branch of Supermercados Nacional opened in El Millón, becoming the first supermarket with the country’s first escalator.


The first two branches of Cuesta Centro del Juguete opened, specializing in the children’s toys.



The first Cuesta Libros bookstore opened in Centro Comercial Nacional.


Given the growing interest for home product lines and the purchase of Ferretería Cuesta’s fourth store, Cuesta Centro del Hogar was established, hosting a vast assortment of products for different types of consumers, broadening the existing variety in products available up until that moment.

That same year the Distribution Center (Centro de Distribución) was inaugurated. It is one of the biggest in the Caribbean region with a total of 62,500 square meters of storage area to handle import operations, local purchasing, storage, and distribution throughout the country. By employing standardized processes, the Distribution Center helps CCN guarantee the quality of deliveries to our stores nationwide.


To provide a broader offering to our customers, Cuesta Centro del Juguete became part of Juguetón, the first toy store chain in Latin America.


The first stores of Supermercados Nacional and Cuesta Libros were established in Santiago, starting the expansion to the rest of the country.


The first store with the new La Despensa format opened its doors, now known as Jumbo Express. It was a new supermarket format: affordable and close, with a wide assortment of products, located in urban neighborhoods.


La Bodega, the store specializies in fine wine, spirits and beverages, opened its doors in april of his year.



Casa Cuesta was inaugurated, a new store format specialized in all of the home goods with a fresh and familiar image. The brand was the first to introduce seasonal collections and at the same time, launches “Arte de Café”, a project aimed at supporting local art and culture through the creation of tableware representing the work of Dominican artists.

La Panificadora is established with the goal to supply the stores of Supermercados Nacional, Jumbo, and Jumbo Express with fresh, high-quality bakery and confectionery products, aiming to satisfy the many tastes of our customers. It has three production lines and more than 100 product varieties.


CCN kept expanding throughout the national territory, and the first branch of the Jumbo hypermarket opened operations in La Romana. Intended for a large segment of the Dominican market, the new store was tailored to offer a balanced combination of quality, fair prices, service, and variety.


In May of this year, the second Jumbo store opened to the public. Located in Megacentro Plaza, it became the very first shopping center in the Santo Domingo East.



Jumbo’s third store was inaugurated in San Pedro de Macorís.


The Financial Retail unit was created, turning CCN into a one-of-a-kind retail company in the Dominican Republic by being the first to offer payment alternatives, event tickets, and electronic certificate stands in their stores; adding value to our clients’ experiences within our stores.


CCN pioneered the concept of private-label brands to provide a wider range of top quality products at competitive prices for our clients. To this day, we remain the only retail group in Latin America that’s a member of the Topco business consortium, which sells exclusively to the top 64 most important American supermarket chains.

This same year, in keeping up with the national expansion, the first branch of Jumbo opened its doors in Santiago, at Colinas Mall shopping center.


Certified angus beef

Supermercados Nacional became the first food store to market the Certified Angus Beef brand, which is endorsed by the Agriculture Department of the United States for guaranteeing the freshness and quality of Certified Angus Beef cuts, always fresh, never frozen.

Jumbo’s fifth store opened to the public in Carretera Mella, becoming the second branch in Santo Domingo East.


Jumbo launched the country’s first collection by a Dominican couture designer addressed to a mass-market audience. This first Jumbo collection reasserts our commitment to developing local talent in the Dominican Republic. The collection presented this year is by the designer Leonel Lirio.


Jumbo’s sixth and biggest store opened in Avenida Luperón, in Santo Domingo center with commercial spaces and a food court.


CCN obtained the ISO 9001:2018 certification for our Distribution Center.

At the same time, Agro CCN was inaugurated, making it the first meat processing plant in the country exclusively dedicated to a retail chain. This vertical integration process responds to CCN’s commitment to guarantee the quality of our products, from the initial farm where the animals are raised to the arrival of products at the points of sale. Supermercados Nacional opened a branch in Punta Cana, becoming the first in La Altagracia Province.


Supermercados Nacional opened a branch in Punta Cana, becoming the first in La Altagracia Province.



Bebemundo is introduced as a specialized store for babies and mothers, where clients can find a wide assortment of products to cover the needs of babies and toddlers aged 0-2. Bebemundo provides the service, atmosphere, and expertise to guide pregnant women from their pregnancy to the early years of their infants by covering all their needs.

In August 2012, Jumbo opened their seventh store in the country in Ágora Mall.


Continuing with the promise to improve the quality of life of Dominican families and the expansion plans for the country’s northern region, CCN opened the second store of Supermercados Nacional in Santiago.This was done at Paseo Santiago and also included the opening of the first Juguetón, Casa Cuesta, and Bebemundo stores in this city.


The expansion in the northern region continued with the opening of the Jumbo hypermarket in La Vega. Offering more than 65,000 items on their shelves, presenting the same value proposition that has positioned our brand as the main department store of the country and providing the possibility of buying everything you need in one place.

Returning to its origins, Supermercados Nacional opened its 14th store in the Colonial Zone.

AgroCCN became the first beef and pork processing plant to obtain the ISO:9001 2015 certification.


Jumbo continued growing and opened its first store in Moca, a city in the northern part of the country, with a modern building on Avenida Los Agricultores, on the corner of Antonio de la Masa street.

Jumbo also opened two new stores in the country’s eastern region. Jumbo Bávaro in Downtown Mall.

Jumbo Higüey opened its doors, maintaining the same value proposition of comfort with a wide assortment that has positioned Jumbo as the best department store of the country.


Jumbo Puerto Plata became the 12th hypermarket . This is the biggest store in this province, and its arrival has positively influenced the economy and commercial dynamism of Puerto Plata.


Jumbo’s thirteenth branch opened in San Isidro, Santo Domingo East, bringing the best value proposition in terms of pricing, quality, and product variety.


 In the same year, Casa Cuesta became a pioneer in electronic commerce by launching their website: www.casacuesta.com


In the midst of a challenging year, we didn’t waver in our promise to improve the quality of life of families in the Dominican Republic as we opened the fifteenth Supermercados Nacional store in Plaza Central. This latest opening represents the most recent store design for the brand. Its modern structure and furnishings satisfy the needs of the neighborhoods surrounding Piantini, Evaristo Morales, and Paraíso.

In August 2020, this new store concept was applied in Santiago with the opening of Supermercados Nacional’s sixteenth store on Avenida Rafael Vidal.

Supermercados Nacional El Dorado became the fourth branch in the city of Santiago. The new store provides the resources for all clients to receive our characteristic personalized service.

We also innovated on the eCommerce front, launching websites for Supermercados Nacional smn.com, bebemundo.com and Juguetón jugueton.com 

The platforms offer distinct features and personalized service from purchase to delivery, guaranteeing a unique quality experience. The platforms offer distinct features and personalized service from purchase to delivery, guaranteeing a unique quality experience.

The “PICOP” service was launched this same year, allowing clients to order online and pickup their purchases from our stores, originally one in Santo Domingo and the other in Santiago. With this service, Supermercados Nacional reasserts its commitment to quality and service by providing digital solutions in line with our clients’ lifestyle.


Supermercados Nacional opened Nacional Metro Plaza, its eighth branch, located on Avenida Charles Sumner, continuing its path of sustainable growth, support to the country’s development, leadership, and innovation. With this opening, the brand aims to improve the purchasing experience for the residents of Urbanización Fernández and surrounding areas.


Supermercados Nacional opened three new branches in the city of Santo Domingo, to be closer and closer to their clients with the freshest products and widest assortment. Tthe stores are located on Av. Rómulo Betancourt, Camino Chiquito Street, and Av. San Vicente de Paul in Santo Domingo Este.


Also this year, INDAL (Dominican Food Industry), a subsidiary company of Centro Cuesta Nacional was created. It is a meat processing plant that processes beef, pork, chicken, and lunch meats. INDAL guarantees the use of the utmost quality of the raw materials , ensuring the quality during the entire process, from product selection and processing, to the final delivery in the stores. CCN supports local beef, pork and poultry farmers as a way to ensure the quality of the meat produced in the Dominican market, and impacting their growth and sustainable development.


Supermercados Nacional 22nd store opened in the Mirador Sur sector of Santo Domingo.


We have been awarded the Best of the Best 2023 award at the event The Best of DR by Revista Mercado 2023 for our “Dominicano Soy” initiative and our corporate project Orgullo de Mi Tierra.