Private Brands

Private Brands

Soluciones de compra inteligente para la Alimentación y el Cuidado de tu Familia, con una amplia selección de productos para que ahorres sin sacrificar calidad.

Choose with confidence

A selection of more than 250 quality products at very low prices. A wide selection of food, household products and clothes, made by the best national and international manufacturers allowing you to save and shop with confidence.


Food Club
Quality at the best price

More than 900 quality products similar or superior to recognized US brands, with a better price tag - so you save and enjoy wider variety and quality. An extensive assortment manufactured by leading international homecare, garment care and food companies.


Top Care
Care and protection for your family

Quality personal care and hygiene products of functional quality at great prices, for the care and protection of your entire family. Manufactured under the highest international standards of guarantee and international quality comparable to highly-recognized brands.


ValutimelogoValu Time
Compare and always save
A large variety of imported products at low prices for families looking to save.

Full Circle
Getting back to natural living...

Great tasting natural and organic products that provide a healthy nutritional experience for the entire family at competitive prices.


World Classic
Passion for food

A range of products from around the world made from the finest ingredients, where flavor tells the story. Goumet Style Food to please your family!


Paws Premium / Paws Professional
Feeding love

100% balanced and nutritional food for every stage of your pet’s life at the best price.


Gusto Bello
Every spoonful is a delicious taste of Italy!

Celebrate life with Gusto Bello Café, gelatos and fruit sorbets- Totally natural!


B Leveb.leve
We believe in beauty beyond de skin!

LLine of beauty products you can trust, made with natural ingredients backed by the latest scientific research to meet your skin and hair care needs.


SweetpsSweet P's
Delicacies for every occasion with a homemade taste.

A line of specialized imported ready-to-go bakery goods made with ingredients of excellent quality. Deliciously fresh homemade flavor. With a varied assortment that includes traditional Red Velvet, Cinnamon Rolls, Coffee Cake, Brownies, Donuts, among others.


Let clothes sparkle with the power of Aura!

An effective cleaning solution for the care and washing of clothes. Aura Performance and Aura Essence is a line of ultra concentrated liquid detergents comparable in quality to recognized US brands, and safe for all washing machines, including High Efficiency (HE) ones. It includes fragrances, such as Original, Crisp Morning and Free & Clear (for those who prefer fragrance-free clothes because they are free of dyes and scents and are hypoallergenic).


Cleaning that goes so much deeper.

A complete household cleaning program that will help you fight the toughest battles against dirt. Domestrix takes what is routine and traditional, redesigns it to become more innovative, efficient, effective and economic. A wide range of quality items, such as mops, brooms, sponges and various household tools and office cleaning supplies.


Smart everyday solutions!

A line of quality articles that provide different solutions befitting your lifestyle, dealing with school and expendable office supplies, etc. This wide assortment features trendy, innovative and low-priced products to help make your life easier.

Delicious Greek Yogurt, an authentic Mediterranean indulgence!

Nostimo Greek Yogurt, with higher protein content per serving and natural ingredients is made by using an age-old straining method that eliminates the whey so every spoonful has the exquisite pleasure and taste only found in authentic Greek yogurt. The perfect appetizer any time and amazing versatility in the kitchen!


LogooverthetopUnleash your creativity!

A new complete baking and decorating line! Full of color, inspiring and extraordinary, Over the Top offers an extensive assortment of quality accessories to decorate and bake your dessert, a complete solution in a single place, designed to help you create moments that command applause. Express yourself with Over the Top and unleash your creativity!


Fashion for everyone!

Clothing and footwear brand for men and women, offering quality and exclusivity at the best prices. Mondino is a market trendsetter with modern and trendy designs.


This is fun!

A brand of clothing and footwear for infants, boys and girls, full of color and fun. Its exclusive designs offer an excellent quality-price ratio, in products that are comfortable and versatile, bearing in mind the baby market and its needs.


Hering is a brand of the Hering Company, a Brazilian company with a history and tradition dating back to more than 130 years, yet remains up to date and constantly evolving. Designed for Class A and B men and women between the ages of 20 and 30, it is a “fashion” brand trendy in style at affordable prices. It launches six seasonal fashion collections each year in keeping with world trends.


Hering Kids
Combines fun, comfort and style to dress the little ones to the latest fashion. Targeting A and B consumers in the ages of 4-10, the collections are put together by well-known casual wear fashionistas, entirely inspired in the latest world fashion trends, colorful and delightful.


The leading fashion brand in Israel, Fox is basic fashion for the entire family. It is committed to continually surprising its customers with daily wear solutions, understanding there is no substitute for comfort, simplicity and authenticity.


This is our Christmas brand featuring decorative elements, dishware and bath towels.


Our brand catering to young kids, with decorative elements: rugs, throw pillows, blankets, baskets, plush toys and vanity accessories.

Home accessories in general: linen, decorative elements (throw pillows, curtains, etc.) bathroom, dining room and kitchen accessories.

This line offers bathroom, kitchen and laundry accessories.

Ace has been present in the hardware manufacturing business for over 80 years. It is found in all hardware departments: plumbing, electric, paint, etc.


A brand that specializes in hand and power tools.