Vision, Mission and Values

Vision, Mission and Values

Lineasheadersbig VISION Lineasheadersbig


A passion for improving
the quality of life of families
in Dominican Republic.


Lineasheadersbig MISSION Lineasheadersbig


To be the leading and most diversified retail sales
and distribution business group
in the Dominican Republic,
recognized for the quality and variety of our products
and our deep commitment
to our human resources and the country.


Lineasheadersbig VALUES Lineasheadersbig



This is the force that drives the men and women who, through their daily work, make of Centro Cuesta Nacional the country’s leading distribution and retail sales company.


This is the principle that guides the honest, responsible and transparent conduct of all of the stakeholders that make up Centro Cuesta Nacional.


Our team is eager to serve our customers, to provide them with solutions to their day-to-day problems, fully aware that the customers are the reason we our business exists.


We have developed a unique way of doing business, thus earning the trust and credibility of our customers toward the products and services we provide.


This is how we meet the demands of an opening market and constitutes the principal means to achieving competitive and globalized performance.


For our team, leadership entails being a benchmark for corporate social responsibility and a sustainable business model in the market.


This is present in all we do; from using international standards in carrying out our processes, to the way we present and offer the products and services in our business formats.


Undertaking activities that have a direct impact on improving the quality of life of our various audiences, is the way we reflect the commitment stated in our corporate philosophy and which constitutes our guiding work principle.