The Pride of My Country

The Pride of My Country

An invitation to getting to know us better, renewing the pride of being Dominican.

The Pride of My Country

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"The Pride of my Country" is how the Centro Cuesta Nacional family contributes to bolstering the Dominican spirit, strengthening civic-mindedness and giving every inhabitant of this country a myriad of reasons to feel proud of their heritage.

Tierra Dominicana

“You love what you know” is Centro Cuesta Nacional’s motto to invite Dominicans to discover one country province every two years. A variety of materials, photography books, tourist guidebooks, conferences, exhibitions, festivals, accessories and a documentary are produced to acquaint people with the most beautiful corners and spots on the island.

Over the past 6 years, the provinces of Samaná, Barahona, Pedernales, La Vega, Puerto Plata and María Trinidad Sánchez have been the scenic locations chosen to portray their treasures and beauty. To learn more about this project click here.

Teachings on Dominican Republic

This teaching-learning and didactic program was developed in conjunction with the educational community. The initiative covers preschool, elementary, secondary and university levels. It consists of the practical application of activities that have been compiled in a teacher’s manual, in which parents, teachers and students learn about the history, cultural, religious, artistic and gastronomic wealth of the country’s provinces through various activities carried out in each school in an enjoyable and amusing manner.

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Dominican Treasures

This project purports to highlight and espouse the talent and work of the men and women whose demeanor exhibits the country’s identity: musicians, singers, designers, artisans, painters, as well as anonymous heroes who are a part of the country’s heritage.

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Dominican Heart

This is a collaborative project to develop micro enterprises, groups and associations from different country regions that manufacture high-quality Dominican folklore products. Through this process they are accompanied and given advice, thus enabling them to maximize the value of their products in order to mass commercialize them in our stores.

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