Social Responsibility at Home

Social Responsibility at Home

Programs Aimed at Our Collaborators

For us, Corporate Social Responsibility begins at home, by developing programs in different areas aimed at providing our more than 6,000 company collaborators and their families with the tools and resources that will have a direct impact on improving their quality of life.

Being CCN
“Health, well-being, broad smiles and uplifted hearts for the extended CCN family”.

BEING CCN is an initiative fostered by our Vice-president of Human Capital Management to inform, care for and help maintain and improve the quality of life of all company collaborators. BEING CCN involves two major components: health programs and comprehensive development programs.

• Safeguarding CCN Life
Seeking to protect the physical health of all of our collaborators, this initiative includes several benefit programs that specifically target diverse CCN employee segments.

• Safeguarding CCN Well-being
Initiatives and/or programs that focus on encouraging and promoting the comprehensive development of our collaborators make up this program. It is a multi-plan package which will enable them to care for and maintain, in the best possible condition, their physical health as well as their mental and spiritual well-being.

• Safeguarding the CCN Smile
This is a dental care program envisaged to provide prevention, early detection and overall oral hygiene. Certified dentists from renowned dental clinics around the country take part in this program.

• Safeguarding the CCN Heart
Preventive health assessments take the form of cardiovascular exams, lab tests, early detection of diabetes and heart disease treatment under this program which brings together specialists from recognized hospitals across the country.

• Safeguarding CCN Vision
Consultations to evaluate, diagnose, and recommend treatments for vision-associated problems and diseases are led by certified and recognized ophthalmologists.

Being a Mom
The I’m a CCN Mom educational program is part of the portfolio of benefits especially conceived for our pregnant collaborators.

Implementation of this program contributes to the process of training and preparing expectant mothers; while also giving them a better comprehension of the significance of this stage and the changes it will bring about in their lives.

Programs Aimed at the Children of our Collaborators

Summer in the Store
Summer in the Store focuses on the children of our collaborators to instill the love of work in young people by providing them with a unique experience in the retail business.

Participants in the Summer in the Store program are assigned to given departments and guided through all of their processes, with a view to learning the theories and practices of this sector and gaining the necessary experience, training, abilities and skills required to thrive in a working environment.

The Future Now! Computer Program
This project is intended to equip the children of our collaborators with computer skills to further enhance their education.

Academic Excellence Program
Acknowledging the academic excellence of the outstanding children of our collaborators is the object of this program. Having an above 85 grade average is an eligibility requirement. Upon conclusion, meritorious students are awarded prizes.

College Scholarship Program
Full-tuition, all-expense college scholarships are made available to the children of our collaborators who maintain a grade average above 90 throughout high school. Four scholarships are awarded each year to students who meet the selection criteria.