Our Contribution to the Environment

Our Contribution to the Environment

We are committed to environmental protection and the conservation of natural resources.

Downsizing Plastic Bags
To reduce the use of conventional plastic bags in the stores, we have made available to our customers reusable ecobags with attractive designs made of 95% recycled materials.

Replacing plastic bags with eco-friendly bags allows our customers to contribute directly to foundations that work on behalf of environmental conservation, while also reducing the environmental impact caused by the use of traditional plastic bags.

Reusing Resources
Our “plastic crates” program at Agro CCN, the Bakery and Fruver departments has eliminated the cardboard boxes used to pack, store and transport merchandise from these production units. The plastic crates are reused daily for three years, at which time they are recycled into new crates.

Together with fruit and vegetable suppliers we also developed a crate-exchange program to eliminate their use of the traditional wooden crates and cardboard boxes. As with the production departments, the plastic crates are reused every day. Discontinuing the use of thousands of cardboard boxes each day generates savings.

Energy Saving Program
The “CO2 gas emission reduction” and “energy saving” program has prompted 90% of our stores now to operate with energy-efficient LED or low-consumption florescent lighting, thus achieving a 50% savings in lighting power consumption.

By replacing air-conditioning equipment with new high-efficiency systems, water cooling system, drivers and pumps with frequency inverters and refrigerators with electronic expansion valves, LED lighting and electronic motors, in addition to installing a centralized monitoring and control system for lighting, air conditioning, refrigeration and energy consumption, we have achieved a savings of 15-20%, equivalent to 525,000 KWh per year, in addition to a reduction of 370 tons in CO2 emissions, significantly reducing the environmental impact from store processes nationwide.

Through implementation of a satellite positioning system (GPS) and execution of certification and recognition programs for our drivers, routes have be regularized and the performance of the company vehicle fleet has been improved, in addition to achieving a significant reduction in CO2 emissions.

Use of electrical vehicles in warehouses.
All of the vehicles used in our distribution center and warehouses are electric, thus eliminating carbon emissions and significantly reducing the environmental noise generated by internal combustion forklifts.

In addition, the new electric vehicles acquired have power-generating systems during braking movements and unloading of merchandise, allowing for battery recharge.