Centro Cuesta Nacional is a company that started out in 1935 as the Colmado Mercedes [neighborhood convenience store], founded by Manuel González Cuesta and located at the corner of Jose Reyes and Mercedes Streets. In 1948 Colmado Mercedes is moved to the corner of Avenida Mella and Santomé, and its name changed to Colmado Nacional.

In 1956 Colmado Nacional gives way to Autoservicio Nacional, following the trends in other countries where the retail business was more advanced.

In 1959, José Manuel González Corripio decides to set up, next to the warehouse, a space for household hardware items imported from the United States. This would be the foundations for the birth of a new business format, Ferreteria Cuesta.

The year 1965 brings about major changes in the city of Santo Domingo as a result of a civil strife. This situation prompted the need for a “campaign supermarket” on the corner where Supermercado Nacional is now located on Avenida 27 de Febrero and Abraham Lincoln.

1967 sees the inauguration of a supermarket of unprecedented proportions in the country. It was the precursor to the large stores and hypermarkets of today. Our Supermercado Nacional introduced major innovations, and we can proudly say that we pioneered in specialized department formats: hardware, drug store and cafeteria. It should be noted that back then not even US supermarkets had these facilities available. Its cafeteria was the harbinger of the fast food concept in our country.

Since 1967, we have experienced dramatic growth giving rise to Ferretería Cuesta, Librería Cuesta, Casa Cuesta, Juguetón, Bebemundo, Hipermercados Jumbo, Jumbo Express.

In 1989 we opened the first two branches of Cuesta Centro del Juguete, which targeted the children’s market segment. In 1995, due to globalizing trends and improvements in prices and assortments, and in light of the growing demand for international products, we created a purchasing group with several countries in Latin America giving rise to the Jugueton brand, which has become the foremost Latin American toy store chain.

1994 finds Cuesta Centro del Hogar opening its doors with a wide range of products catering to various types of consumers, which allowed us to expand the item selection we had offered up to that point.

2000 sees the birth of Casa Cuesta, a new brand with a fresher and friendlier image. The brand launches a commercial, season-based format, as well as the Arte de Café (the Art of Coffee) project which promotes the works of Dominican visual artists intended to support art and culture.

2002 ushers in the Jumbo brand with its first store in La Romana, targeting a broad Dominican market segment predicated on its combination of quality, price, service and variety. We were able to position ourselves as a market leader, thanks to the recognition of our customers, who on any given day can experience a pleasant shopping environment based on painstaking customer service, variety, high quality products and a wide range of services.

May of 2003 witnesses the opening of Megacentro, a shopping mall which assembles all of the facilities that afford easy and safe circulation of customers amid a visually pleasing interior design that depicts the principal elements of the Caribbean: flora, fauna, land, sea and sun.

2011 heralds the birth of Bebemundo, our youngest business format. At Bebemundo clients will find an assortment of products to meet all the needs of children ages 0-2 years, in addition to services, an atmosphere and experts on baby matters who will guide mothers-to-be from pregnancy through the first years of their child’s life.

In August 2012, Agora Mall opens its doors, with more than 180 business establishments offering the best and most widely recognized national and international brands, distributed under a structure designed by using innovative and modern technologies that make of this shopping mall a most welcoming place to visit, relax and shop in comfort.

Thanks to foresight and process methodology, we have planned technological investments to remain at the forefront and to continue to rely on innovative technological solutions vis-à-vis the needs of today’s dynamic business world.

At Centro Cuesta Nacional, we uphold a commitment to guarantee the quality of the products our customers take home to contribute to their wellbeing and the health of their families.